1: One multi-language team combined with Chinese and Western Expertise;


Sunchine Inspection consists of one high qualified multi-language team, many advisors /Consultants can speak English, French, and Spanish very fluently. Sunchine is also one Cross-Culture team, which is combined with Chinese and Western countries employees. This qualification can help Sunchine to know well both the clients and the suppliers, to know well their needs and desire, to avoid any misunderstanding or communication problem during the mission performance.


2: One experienced Consultant/ Advisor Team


Most of our Sales managers and Account Managers have background of Western Countries Education and have rich experiences in inspection fields. They always can give the best suggestion to clients, and help the clients to find the best solution for their business.


3: One quick reaction service and on-line security payment system;


On-line sales service, the clients can deal with all orders from our website. The Inspection Report will be sent less than 24 hours after the inspection. With Sunchine Order system, the client can:


– Getting quotation and inspection solution for each mission;

– Placing order and payment on line very easily;

– Very low traction fee for placing order;

– Tracking the order status by Internet very quickly;

– Consulting the previous order information by Internet;


4: Equity of Clients;


At Sunchine Inspection, the same care and attention, the same standard of service is given to each client regardless of the size of his business.


5; Assistance with other branch of Sunchine International (Sunchine Consulting)


Sunchine Inspection is independent from Sunchine Business Consulting, well-known (renowned, reputable) sourcing company in China, this makes Sunchine Inspection have more knowledge and experience in the international business compared with other third party inspection service in China.


Beside, Sunchine Inspection can give the buyers more advice when the discrepancy or product defects occurred.